freeMed  Pressure Sensor Platforms

Our dynamic platforms are detecting with synchronized cameras:

  • Fall risk assessment

  • Ulcer risk evaluation

  • Plantar pressure distribution during standing and walking

  • Gait cycle with spatiotemporal measurements 

  • Dynamic balance testing

  • Post surgery evaluation

  • Neurological rehabilitation

  • Patient biofeedback

  • Prosthesis alignment analysis

Made in aluminum, they are lightweight and transportable, always complete of two passive plates for allowing the patient to walk naturally.

High sample frequency of more than 400Hz in real time.

All the resistive sensors are 24K gold coated to ensure an extreme reliability and repeatability and have a durability of more than one million work cycles.

All the acquired informations are processed by our freeStep analysis software.

Maintenance free with no hardware re-calibration required.

3 year warranty.


 2 daily exams = monthly income of $4,800 ($240x20 days)

Capital equipment cost  =  $290x60

(6 months NO payments)

Allowable Tax Savings  =  $4,320

Return On Investment  =  1,555%

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Are you looking for Custom Orthotics Fabrication?

Financing our freeMed Dynamic platform, we are covering your $300 equipment cost in custom dynamic orthotics, every month for the entire financed period.

See further details in our page:

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