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Technology in Motion
Since 30 years, we develop innovative  systems for various Specialists to improve human biomechanics, motion and balance.
Custom Dynamic Foot Orthotics
Custom Orthotics are designed by objectively analyzing the dynamic foot function and stresses under load and in motion.
Pressure Sensors and Gait Analysis
Pressure Sensor Systems to acquire static, walking and running pressure data with synchronized cameras.  
Posturography   Balance Testing
Sensor platforms and software for studying the balance and comparison 
of various performance tests.
Analysis Software
freeStep is an advanced software for the study of gait and foot pressures, posturography, 3D body posture, 3D body motion, EMG and various other aspects of biomechanics. 
CAD-CAM Systems
CNC milling machines and CAD software to produce custom orthotics. 
Full integration with sensor pressure data, 3D and 2D scanners.
3D Spine Evaluation
Markerless, radiation-free, non-invasive.  For children scoliosis prevention and control, chest braces assessment and custom foot orthotics efficiency and correction.
Our Company

Sensor Medica is born in Rome, Italy and studies, designs and develops high-tech products and software for medical research, hospitals and clinics as well as for sport science, offering a real evolution in diagnostic devices for the optimization of human biomechanical balance and motion.

Our customers specialize in Podiatry, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, Orthotic & Prosthetic production labs.

Sensor Medica analysis systems are currently available in 48 countries with over 8,000 analysis software licenses and 500 CNC milling machines for custom orthotics production.

Thanks to a commitment to ongoing research, we produce sensor systems among the most advanced in the world: from the most evolved detection systems, to the most complete analysis software, all completely integrated with CAD-CAM systems for custom orthotic production.  

Sensor Medica works constantly to update technology and products to ensure they remain among the most advanced and innovative in the world.

Custom Dynamic Foot Orthotics

A complete analysis of the changes in the feet during the dynamic phase of walking and running is imported into our easyCAD orthotic modeling software where we use proprietary self modeling algorithms, combined with hands on personal assessment of the biomechanics reports from our team of certified DPM, to create the most advanced custom orthotics providing the right correction where it's needed.

919 South Utah Avenue

Idaho Falls, ID 83402 - USA

Phone: 208-561-2286
[email protected]

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Sensor Medica
Global Headquarter
Development & Production
Rome - Italy

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